Michael Martinez – The Official Website

Michael Martinez has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy for as long as he can remember.  He was permitted to stay up late on Wednesday evenings during the 1960s to watch Star Trek.  He suffered through the “Years of Dearth” when all science fiction movies were complete trash.  Even the “Planet of the Apes” […]

SF Worlds – Worlds from Science Fiction and Fantasy

Michael Martinez launched the SF-Worlds Website in January 1999 as an experimental Website aggregator.  An aggregator republishes the RSS feeds from other sites.  RSS was developed by Netscape in the late 1990s and originally meant Rich Site Summary.  The RSS format was quickly adopted by many Websites for publishing news headlines.  At the time SF-Worlds was the […]

SF Fandom – Science Fiction and Fantasy Communities

SF-Fandom was launched as a community for science fiction and fantasy fans in March 2001.  The name was chosen for two reasons.  First, founders Michael Martinez and Cheryl Harrison wanted it to be clear that the forums were intended for all well-behaved science fiction and fantasy fans.  Second, it was the staking of a flag […]

Xenite.Org – Science Fiction and Fantasy Websites

Michael Martinez launched Xenite.Org in March 1997 after several months of planning and experimentation. Xenite.Org was the fifth Website Michael had built since August 1996 and it was the first independently registered domain name in his portfolio. Xenite.Org was registered several weeks prior to the .COM and .NET versions of the domain. All three sites […]