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SF Fandom is a science fiction and fantasy community that has been active since 2000.

SF Fandom is a science fiction and fantasy community that has been active since 2000.

SF-Fandom was launched as a community for science fiction and fantasy fans in March 2001.  The name was chosen for two reasons.  First, founders Michael Martinez and Cheryl Harrison wanted it to be clear that the forums were intended for all well-behaved science fiction and fantasy fans.  Second, it was the staking of a flag in the name of freedom of speech.  There was a company at the time, branded as “Fandom, Inc.”, which was threatening legal action against another fan-run Website (Fandom.TV).  The word “fandom” had been in widespread use for decades.  It was the position of fan Website owners that no one could trademark the work with respect to science fiction and fantasy.  The commercialization of fandom was an affront to many long-time science fiction fans.

Michael and Cheryl (aka “Dixie”) were confident they could survive any legal challenge from Fandom, Inc.  In the end they were never contacted by the company, which eventually failed and went out of business.  The sad part is that “Fandom, Inc.” could have become a very successful business.  Instead of threatening fan Websites and creating hostility across the world they could have reached out and worked with fan Websites in all genres to create a meaningful, respected, and well-loved brand.

The original Xenite.Org forums were created for the purpose of fostering a bully-free online discussion zone.  The flame wars that had ruined the news group experience for thousands of people in the 1990s led to the creation of many online forums.  But one by one many of them either failed or devolved into brutal attack zones where people who expressed different points of views from the “insiders” were attacked, belittled, and driven away (just as had happened in the news groups).  SF-Fandom not only remains active today, it has never lowered its standards for civil behavior.  All viewpoints are welcome as long as people treat other forum members with respect.

That means you talk about the book, the TV show, the movie, the podcast, or whatever.  You do not talk about the people you disagree with.  Flaming (bullying) includes lying about other people and making rude insinuations or other comments to undermine them.  People result to bullying on the Internet out of a feeling of being shielded by anonymity.  SF-Fandom encourages the use of creative screen names, and the freedom to keep one’s privacy safe, without the bullying that other Websites allow to happen.

The forum structures have changed throughout the years but community members share videos, news, pictures, comments, and thoughtful discussions.  SF-Fandom also welcomes authors and independent film-makers who want to share news and updates about their work with the fandom community.

In addition to the forums SF-Fandom also supports user-written and admin team-written blogs.  The user-written blogs are available to all members of the forums via the forum software.  The admin team write blogs on the main site (outside the forums).

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